Image credit: Tom van Huisstede, Marleen Annema & Fortvna Vlieland

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Promovideo for the brewery Fortvna Vlieland, shot by Tom van Huisstede and Marleen Annema. Sound and music by me, recorded on location.
Video credit: Michiel Teeuw

The graduation project ‘Klinker’ by Michiel Teeuw (2022)

Researching repetition to create a 20 minute score for this art installation and performance. Music by me.
Image credit: Caspar Heijneman, Rover Twilt & Roemer Fris.

'Look For You Before You Look For Me' is a short film by Fashion artist Caspar Heijneman. Made in collaboration with Rover Twilt and Roemer Fris. Musical score by me.

Image credit: Maarten van Mulken, Matthijs Vuijk

Collection by: Maarten Van Mulken
Film & Edit by: Matthijs Vuijk
Photography: Laura Knipsael
MUA & Hair: Emilie De Roo
Models: Joline Van Wegen + Amber Berendse
Music by me.
Image Credit: Pablo Ferreras, Ward Groutars & Jeroen Korving.

Commissioned art piece for the Hubrecht Institute for the "Day of Science" 2019 in Utrecht. Combining art and technology this interactive installation immersed visitors in a multisensory experience that represented a human cell activity from the inside.

Sound by me.
Scoring an museum- audiotour for Circus Andersom.

No arthistorical facts but a meditative guided tour through the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. Catch. Your. Breath. During the AHA audiotour.

Script and audio: Allard Medema
Soundscapes: Lide Groutars

Speciale thanks
Eva Groentjes en Daphne Veendorp van Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar